Buildazo Inc, a Florida Corporation has a combined 30 years of construction experience and 15 years in “The Healthcare Construction Industry”. We specialize in the Planning, Designing and Construction of Health care facilities. We offer a variety of project management systems and software’s to estimate time and cost that allows Buildazo, Inc. to compete and be the most proficient at what we do. “No Project is too big or too small” as our staff of project managers and superintendents allow us to maintain projects on target financially and on schedule. We also have a great focus on customer service and client relationships. We have conducted projects ranging from 0-1MM, 1-3MM and currently bidding in the 5-10 MM range. Our core capabilities and financial abilities have allowed us to grow and maintain the growths over the last 3 years. Also, we have financial partnerships that allows Buildazo to always maintain cash flows and project expectations.

At this time Buildazo Inc is currently working on four projects with a total valuation of 2.5 MM. The Financial Health of the business is an indispensable part of the growth of the company; that is why Buildazo has partnerships in place that allow for financial freedom as well as investment capital.

“Growing our business while maintaining the highest service quality standards for our customers is our number one priority.”